We are back teaching at the Academy and new students are welcome.

We are taking on new students. We have uniforms ready for you to start your training and we can't wait to get you started. You are welcome to a week's free trial to make sure the Academy is for you. We have beginner and mixed classes so there is something for all levels. If you're brand new to BJJ it's definitely wise to start in the Intro classes. Here you will learn the foundations that are essential to start building your BJJ training. Feel free to give us a call to discuss the training or to book in your first class. We will have a uniform ready for you to use on your first lesson.

Black Belt Tuition Nothing Less! Please call today 07799 532725 or email stevebjj5@gmail.com it would be great to hear from you.

Our training and technique App is now live and available for all our students. You will need to download the EFC Aquila App. We will send you an email to register your password. In the app you will find techniques for the total beginner and onwards. Over 20 different subjects on positions, submissions, and escapes are being developed. This will accelerate your learning and progression!

Non-members are welcome also.
Please get in touch for details.


RGA Chester App

Get ready to learn!

Online learning for everyone. Following our classes and syllabus Free to all students and downloadable through Apple and IOS. Coming soon.

The Beginning

Get ready to start!

It's easy to get started, email us and we will respond ASAP. RGA uniforms are needed for training and we have them in stock at the Academy.

 Women's Academy

Get ready to be Empowered!

We .are going to put on Women's onl,y classes very soon. They will be up on the timetable in May 2021.
Watch the space.

 Academy Ranking

Get ready to be rewarded!

Good things come to those who train, the best thing you will receive is knowledge and then the ability to use it. Thereafter, the fitness, the confidence and a Grade.