This is our site which has been updated a little for the current situation. We are now advancing into the world of Zoom classes and it’s proving to be a hit! We are teaching Monday to Saturday and have Kids and Beginner classes that everyone can join in with.

If you need a uniform no problem we have all sizes in stock. Plus we have mats available for hire or purchase. We are taking in new students daily.

Learn the art or Gracie Jiu Jitsu with a Roger Gracie 1st Degree Black Belt who has trained for 19yrs.

The way it works. All you need to do is download the zoom app. We will send you our link once you’ve joined and away we go! Lockdown fun for all the Family and Probably the best self defence training you can learn together. Please feel free to call with any enquiries or if you’d like to join our growing BJJ Academy.

Stay Safe and Positive 07799 532725