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RGA Chester Class Times

Classes will start from Wednesday 3rd January 2020

Adult Classes are 45mins long
Kids Classes 4-7yrs are 30mins long
We have mats available for purchase or hire from our Academy in Chester and uniforms available for purchase in all sizes.

12 Midday Mixed Class for everyone

16.30 Kids Class 4-7yrs
18:00 Class for everyone

18:00 Class for everyone 
19:00 Beginners Class


16.30pm Kids Class 4-7yrs

18:00pm Class for everyone
19:00pm Beginners Class


18:00 Beginners Class 
19:00 Class for everyone

10:00am Class for everyone

11am Kids class 4-7yrs

19:00pm Class for everyone 

10:00 Class for everyone 
11:00 weekly Q and A’s on the weeks training

You’re about to start a lifestyle that will create great experiences and in the future you will meet many new friends and exciting people. With our membership you will also get access to an online syllabus that you can practice at home in-between lessons.

In the future when we are back at the Academy we will be sticking with the Zoom classes also which will give you great freedom in learning Jiu Jitsu with us at RGA Chester. We have uniforms available and we will be sticking to our grading system online or at the Academy. Get ready to enjoy a new found lifestyle. Stay safe and well. 07799 532725