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Steve served in the Army for 4yrs and then persued a career in the Fitness Industry. After seeing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I thought I would love to learn it, My next move was to close my current business in Wales and get work in London so I could go train. This went very smoothly and soon enough i was working in West London and made my way down to The Budokwai in Chelsea to experience my first BJJ Class. This was back in 2001, the next class had me venture into Soho, there was a new Gym called the 3rd space and Mauricio Gomes was teaching there. It was a small matted area above a swimming pool and with just a few students covered in Bad Boy patches. Roger Gracie was there and currently a Brown Belt. I Knew i was in the right place. My first experience training with Roger Gracie he wrist locked me with his chest, it was applied slowly and there was nothing I could do about this situation. I would go to these classes extremely elevated and ready to learn. When Roger was in the room i would naturally do my best always. After a year I was promoted to Blue Belt by Mauricio Gomes, Roger Gracie's Father.
My life was going from strength to strength.

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