RGA Chester Academy Class Times

Classes available once Lockdown has ended.

Adult Classes are 60mins 
Kids Classes 9-14yrs are 40mins
Classes for 4-8yrs are 30mins

Intro classes are for White Belt Students
Mixed Classes are for White Belt 4 stripe Students and above
Advanced classes are for Purple Belt Students and above. 

12 Midday Mixed Class

16.30 Kids Class 4-8yrs old
18:00 Mixed Class 
19:00 Intro Class


18:00 Kids Class 8yrs plus
19:00 Mixed Class
20;00 Intro Class


12 Midday Mixed Class

16.30 Kids Class 4-8yrs
18:00 Intro Class 


18:00 Kids Class 8yrs plus
19:00 Adults Mixed 

11:00 Open Mat Q and A's
12 Midday Mixed Class

18:00 Mixed Class


10:00 Mixed Class 
11:00 Intro Class

The Classes will grow with the demand from our students

A Black Belt was a White Belt that never gave up!

You're about to start an amazing Journey that not many other sports or Martial Arts can offer you. You will also be welcome to visit our Academy in Chester once we are back open. And if you are ever in London you can visit RGA HQ free of charge and train with Roger Gracie and his Instructors.